Unbox Fellowship 2013
Unmap—Culture and Heritage Preservation
Exploring the potential of technology in preparing the Cultural Heritage Management Plan for the Grand Trunk Road (GTR)
Simran Chopra

Unbox and Design Impact Fellowship 2012
Working on livelihoods for underprivileged children at Manav Sadhna, Ahmedabad
Manasi Agarwal


Residency at Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy
September—November 2011
Promoted by The Foundation for Modern and Contemporary Art-Crt
Sunil Vallu

Residency at FABRICA, Benetton’s Communication Research Centre, Italy
October 2011
Sures Kumar, Promila Roychoudhury


Commonwealth Shared Scholarship
for postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art, London
Promila Roychoudhary


7th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS) 2014
November 2014, Singapore 

Imagine With Me, selected for exhibit at ArtScience Museum
Pranoy Guduru

India Art Summit
January 2012, Delhi
Absolut Vodka
Sunil Vallu

ACM Siggraph Asia 2011
December 2011, Hong Kong
FRAMEWORKS selected for exhibiting at the Art Gallery
Promila Roychoudhury, Sures Kumar

Brancott Estate World of WearableArt™ Awards Show (WOW®)
August 2011, New Zealand
Vibes: a garment, appearing in the 2011 CentrePort Illuminaton Illusion Section of the Awards Show Finalists: Khushboo Sinha in collaboration with Nayan Negi


2nd International Conference on Food Design 2015
November 2015, The New School, New York
Story of the Urban Food Chain: the design of an interactive installation on food culture Simran Chopra

21st International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) 2015
August 2015, Vancouver, Canada

Puppetree: a remediation of theatre, Art/Research Short paper
Priyanka Borar

Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS) 2013
October 2013, St Andrews, UK 
Task Assignment on Tabletop Computer,
Demo & Poster Track
Chayan Deb

11th Asia Pacific Conference on Computer Human Interaction (APCHI) 2013
September 2013, Bangalore, India

Collaborative Task Assignment on Tabletop Computer, Demo & Poster Track
Chayan Deb

5th Indian Conference on Human Computer Interaction (IndiaHCI) 2013
September 2013, Bangalore, India

Collaborative Task Assignment on Tabletop Computer, Student Design Consortium Track
Chayan Deb

Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA) 2013
July 2013, London, UK

Iconic Architecture: Using SAR for books, Paper and project chosen for demonstration.
Manasi Agarwal

4th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction (IndiaHCI) 2012
April 2012, Pune, India
Presented in the Student Design Consortium:
1. Stoctaves by Khushboo Sinha and Suvani Suri
2. Bathroom Ecologies by Chayan Deb
3. Bridges by Nikhil Josh

20th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG) 2012
June 2012, Plzen, Czech Republic
Stoctaves: Presented as a Poster Paper
Khushboo Sinha, Suvani Suri

Proceedings of the 7th Student Interaction Design Research Conference (SIDeR)
April 2011, Denmark

Buzz: A Study on Enhancing Newspaper Experiences through Expressions
Anuradha.V. Reddy, Ishwari G Vakhariya


IxDA Interaction Awards 2015
Shortlist in the 'Expressing' category
Aalok Jaiswal

A Telecom Innovation Challenge 2014, Moscow & New Delhi
Landmark: A geo-location based real time mobile application to create and explore heritage sites
Winner in the 'Education and Social Objectives' category
Ankit Prajapati

Asia Digital Art Award 2014, Fukuoka
12 me
Finalist in the 'Interactive Art' category
Aalok Jaiswal

IxDA Student Design Challenge, Interaction14 in Amsterdam
Information for Life
Third Prize
Dharmesh BA, Karan Dudeja

IxDA Interaction Awards, Interaction14 in Amsterdam
Finalist in the 'Empowering' category
Tania Jain in collaboration with Debanshu Bhaumik

NASSCOM Social Innovation
Forum 2014

ICT Led Social Innovation Concept
Winner, Student Category
Surabhi Bhatnagar and Raja Biswas in collaboration with Naveen Kumar and Mandrila Biswas

.NET Innovation Challenge 2014, iAccelerator - IIM Ahmedabad
Third Position
Dharmesh BA

India Design Forum 2013
Iconic Architecture in pop-ups: Projection Mapping an Interactive/Mixed reality Pop-up Book
Gold award: Interaction design
Manasi Agarwal

Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge 2013
Perceptual Computing Pioneer Award in Creative User Experience category
Priyanka Borar

IxDA Student Design Challenge, Interaction13 in Toronto
"Playful Technology" - made possible with the support of Interaction and Experience Research (IXR) at Intel
First Runner up
Mani HK

USID India UX Design Awards 2012
Reimagining Illustrator for Tablet Devices
Silver Award
New Media Design, Semester 3 students, Batch of 2010-12

Goafest 2012, India
Absolut Vodka
1. Gold Creative Abby award in the Environment Design category
2. Silver Creative Abby award in the Craft and Design category
Sunil Vallu

Creativity Awards 42nd Annual, Louisville, U.S
Absolut Vodka
Platinum award in the Ambient Media Single Unit category
Sunil Vallu

Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2012
November 2012, Toronto, Canada
Stoctaves: Selected as a semi-finalist entry
Khushboo Sinha, Suvani Suri

Pune Design Festival 2013
Stoctaves: Winner of Media Category
Khushboo Sinha, Suvani Suri

Pune Design Festival
12th February 2012, Pune, India

Memory Lane: Winner of Visual Communication Category
Ajay Kumar, Chayan Deb, Nikhil Joshi, Syed Fawaz Ahmed

Nokia Bhasha 2011
July 2011, Bangalore, India
Word of Snake: A linguistic aid inspired from the game, Snake, for people who can speak but cannot read
Nivedita Ganjoo, Nivedita Khandekar, Sakshi Shrivastava

2010 Ozchi 24-Hour Online Design Challenge
1. Grandma Ellis
Runners up:
Anuradha Reddy, Siddharth Mankad, Sumit Pandey, Sunil Vallu

2. Team Marbles
Runners up:
Sures Kumar, Promila Roychoudhury, Mayukhini Pandey

Yahoo USID 2010 Academic Showcase
Runners up:
Sures Kumar, Promila Roychoudhary

USID 2009 Academic Showcase
Jollymate: Assistive technology for dyslexic children
First Prize:
Shailja Pahuja, Ritika Mathur, Saagar Raut, Neety Rai


IxDA Interaction14 in Amsterdam
When Things Come Alive!
This talk was about the potential use of devices with character as an interface tool Gaurav Patekar

TEDxGateway, 2013, Mumbai
Helping the blind visualise while they read
Tania Jain